IVT BlueSoleil Embedded Solution includes BlueSoleil Car Audio Turn-key Solution and BlueSoleil iBridge. Our solution has been integrated in a variety of mature products that have been in production. BlueSoleil Car Audio Turn-key Solution is designed for Automotive applications and vehicle accessories. For instance, Car DVD, Telematics, PNDs, OBD. BlueSoleil iBridge is designed for data communication applications and phone accessories. For instance, e-Payment terminals, personal health monitoring devices, and game console. Both of solutions feature with IVT Bluetooth modules and BlueSoleil embedded software.

We offer a selection of classic Bluetooth 2.1 modules and Bluetooth low energy modules, which either runs Bluetooth stack fully inside the module or run the Bluetooth upper layer stack in the host-processor interfacing the Bluetooth module using Host Command Interface (HCI). IVT BlueSoleil i50e, i130, i183 are designed for audio applications; IVT BlueSoleil i40e and i60 are designed for data communication applications. i50e aims for high-end before market; i183 aims for after market; i130 and i30 are designed for car kits; i60 is the smallest sized and most cost-effective solution. We also offer Bluetooth low energy modules and new duel-mode Bluetooth dongles.

We provide the powerful and yet easy-to-use BlueSoleil firmware is provided for IVT non-HCI Bluetooth modules, including i40e and i50e. It allows developers to utilise Bluetooth application-level funcationality by sending sample AT commands over serial ports. We also provide BlueSoleil SDK that encapsulates Bluetooth stack interfaces, so that developers can utilise application-level APIs without concerning the complexity of Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles. Integrating Bluetooth into products has never been so convenient and handy.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Please contact us at embedded@ivtcorporation.com. We offer advice and tailor solutions for you.