BlueSoleil Software Development Kit (SDK) provides application layer support for Bluetooth applications and associated profile SDKs. It is a set of embedded Bluetooth stack interfaces for classic Bluetooth 2.1 modules and Bluetooth low energy modules. It exposes a powerful yet easy-to-use command interface to manage Bluetooth operations. BlueSoleil SDK hides the complexity of Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from developers. It can be used for almost anything from simple data communication or stereo audio applications to more complex use cases where interaction with several Bluetooth enabled devices are needed - or even multi-profile environments for simultaneous audio and data connections.

With the underlying Bluetooth functionality running on embedded systems, BlueSoleil SDK allows developers to add increased wireless flexibility to the already rich system framework. BlueSoleil firmware streamlines the development process. It also enables customers to rapidly integrate and deploy solutions with confidence, knowing that it has passed Bluetooth Qualification Bodies (BQB) certification and it has undergone rigorous testing at UnPlugFests (UPFs) which are Interoperability Testing Events run by the Bluetooth SIG. Internal interoperability testing is also continuously performed.

BlueSoleil SDK is targeted at classic Bluetooth 2.1 modules and Bluetooth low energy modules. By enhancing the compatibility with iOS, BlueSoleil SDK adds new industry leading features, such as Apple iAP support for Apple accessory and Hands-Free Profile v.1.6 with Wideband Speech Codec. Additionally, BlueSoleil SDK offers Continua 1.5 support for the Health Device Profile, advanced HID support, and more than twenty other new features and improvements for supporting overall Bluetooth ecosystem.

    Key features:

  • ● Support Bluetooth v4.0 BLE and backward compatible to v1.1, v1.2, v2.0+EDR,v2.1+EDR, v3.0, v3.0+HS.
  • ● Support up to 14 integrated Bluetooth profiles.
  • ● Support Secure Simple Pairing.
  • ● Support up to 7 simultaneous connections.
  • ● 600kbps data rate

  •     Bluetooth profiles & roles supported:

  • ● Serial Port Profile (SPP): DevA and DevB
  • ● Health Device Profile (HDP): Sink and source
  • ● Dial-up Networking Profile (DUN): Terminal emulation
  • ● Object Push Profile (OPP): OPP server and client
  • ● File Transfer Profile (FTP): FTP client and server
  • ● Human Interface Device (HID): HID device and server
  • ● Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP): Sink and source
  • ● Audio and Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): AVRCP controller and target
  • ● Hands-Free Profile (HFP) v.1.5: HPF and HFP-AG
  • ● Headset Profile v.1.2 (HSP): HSP and HSP-AG
  • ● Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP): PBAP client
  • ● Message Access Profile (MAP): MAP client
  • ● Personal Area Network (PAN): PAN user

  •     Bluetooth modules currently supported:

  • ● IVT classic Bluetooth 2.1 modules and Bluetooth low energy modules, CSR, MTK, Broadcom, TI, and RDA.

  •     OS currently supported:

  • ● Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 4.2, 5.0, 6.0
  • ● Android
  • ● Linux
  • ● Microsoft Pocket PC, Smartphone 2003
  • ● Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0

  •     Architecture

    BlueSoleil SDK utilises C/S architecture, so that it could carry either one or more applications. A middleware layer lies between BlueSoleil stack and BlueSoleil SDK, so that it offers APIs for application-level functionality. APIs are also made available for 3rd party experienced programmers to develop their own proprietary applications on and explore the use of Bluetooth profiles.

    Sample drivers are provided. We take part in porting IVT Bluetooth stack for Embedded Systems on customers’ particular platform, testing customers’ own driver software that are ultimately created by customers and advising on optimising data throughput.

    BlueSoleil Stack SDK


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